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Day of Action:steering committee

Peace be with you,

A brief report on the steerings committee meeting, minutes are due to be
faxed to Colin (please send me a copy!).

The meeting was attended by:
Stuart Hemsley
Ann Hemsley
Vicky Russel
Eleanor FairClough

The idea so far:

To have a two table stall near the Guildhall from 10am to 5pm, one table
with a background banner reading something on the lines of '5 000 Iraqi
children die every month as a result of the sanctions'. This table is to 
convey the horror of the situation, possibly with images of the results of  
the Basara road bombings or such like. The second table is to be under the 
banner 'Iraqis are human', and aims to convey this message - possibly with 
a few images of pre-Gulf War Iraq.
The literature on the table should be: the 20 page in depth pamphlet (with
a suggested donation), an A5 leaflet with succinct points (as well as
email addresses etc for those wishing to get more invloved), and a
petition people could sign.
The stall is to be manned by 2-4 people at all times, 2 from the
University and 2 from the town. The townspeople will have shifts ending
on the hour, whereas the university people will have shifts ending on the
half hour. A briefing is to be produced and sent to the volunteers before
the day itself.

The next meeting is to be held a the same place at 7:30pm on 8th Feb. By
then the tables + banners must be ready, and the rota for people manning
the stall must be complete.
At the next meeting the literature to be put out and the images etc on the
tables will be finalised. Also representatives of interested parties WHO
WISH TO CONTRIBUTE some time/effort will be invited to attend.

1.Have compiled a list of volunteers to man the stall in shifts (ie we
need people to commit to a time) ending on the half hour, and have
communicated this to Eleanor.
2.Have produced the two banners.
3.Have produced 'advertising' posters.
4.Have involved other groups as far as possible.

List of volunteers:
Not necassarily CASI members! I nwill approach the Christian and Muslim
communities, and we could draw volunteers from any other group we can get
help from. We should organise this centrally so that we don't get gaps in
the list, or times when 10 people turn up at once.
If anyone finds or is willing to be a volunter to man the stall please
email me with convient times so I can compile a list to send back to

Eleanor has agreed to give us some black material to 'paint' words onto. I
would appreciate help with this.

I can not do much in producing these, though I could help with

Other groups:
I will approach both the town and university Islamic communities, and will
speak to individuals I know in my college Christian community. Other
groups we are due to contact are:
The University of the Third Age
Community Action (they have a building on Herbert street)
Anglia via John
At least we should be able to put up posters in these places.

Yousef Ghazi-Tabatabai

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