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For those interested, here are some reports of how today's demonstration
in London (which I publicised on this list a few days ago) went:

from Labour CND:
> On Sunday 17th January, the weekend before the end of Ramadam, a silent
> protest against the bombing of Iraq by the British and United States
> governments and in support of ending sanctions was held in London,
> attended by about 300. Protestors gathered in Trafalgar Square and marched
> down Whitehall to lay two wreathes at the Cenotaph in memory of the Iraqi
> dead as a result of US and British bombing and from starvation diseases now
> rife because of sanctions. 
> Protestors also sat down in the road for an hour to draw attention to the
> to the victims of bombing and sanctions. Between 4-5,000 children are dying
> every months in Iraq due to the impact of sanctions.
> The protest, organised by an ad hoc group of non-violent protestors, was
> well-supported by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  members and
> organisations. London Region CND, Labour CND, Christian CND and Greater
> Manchester and District CND, were represented amongst others.
> This message has been sent to you by Labour CND. Photographs of the protest
> will be available shortly. Please let us know of activities in your
> locallity and we will pass them on through our network.
> Labour CND can be contacted by phone - Carol Turner, Secretary 0171 820
> 9709 or by post, 29 Stodmarsh House, Cowley Estate, London SW9 6HH. 
> (email:

from someone who went down from Cambridge:
> Dear Seb,
> there were perhaps fifty or sixty people at the demonstration and nearly
> that many police.  It was very quiet, a choir sang and people laid wreaths
> and placards on the cenotaph.  Voices in the Wilderness were there and lots
> of CND groups.  The police were quite co-operative and several of them said
> to me that they were sympathetic, but those hoping for arrests and headlines
> were dissappointed.  To that end, there is talk of occupying a church to
> draw attention to Archbishop Carey's support for bombings.   

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