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Re: two questions

> I'm a newcomer to this list, so I apologize if I'm asking questions that
> have already been exhaustively discussed on this list...

You're welcome, although people should note that you can search the list
archive on the CASI website to check whether something has already been
discussed...  Anyway, no, those questions haven't been discussed.

> First, I'm wondering how much and what kinds of popular
> protests there have been in the U.S. against the Iraq sanctions. I am an
> American, and since arriving in Cambridge in the fall have noticed a lot
> more activism here than I did at home.

Most people seem to say there's a higher level of activism against
sanctions in the US compared to the UK, although of course it's difficult
to compare two countries with such different populations. From what I've
heard it seems roughly similar : there are campaign groups in many major
cities in the US and the UK. There are much larger scale national groups
in the US though, particularly Voices in the Wilderness, the group which
violates sanctions by taking medicine to Iraq (which, incidentally, has a
UK 'branch' now, too)). As well has having exported a huge amount of
medicine to Iraq, despite the threat of fines up to $1 million and 12
years in prison for violating sanctions, 25 VitW people are for example
right now walking from the Pentagon to the UN over 15 days, to raise
awareness of sanctions.

I think what may well be the case is that the UK media is more willing to
expose the suffering caused by sanctions, which means people in the UK,
particular in the last few months, have become a lot more aware of the
whole issue.

> The sanctions were really a
> non-issue at my undergraduate campus,

It may be coincidence - I don't know of any other British university with
a group as active as CASI.

> Are there other groups active in the U.S.?  Which, and where?

The Iraq Action Coalition ( lists some organisations.
During the recent bombings (which is a slightly different issue, but not
far off), the lists of demonstrations etc. in the US was huge. But then I
guess the US *is* huge, so again I'd estimate that roughly equivalent to
the UK action...?

> question is:  in what political fora, and when, have states challenged the
> LEGALITY (not just the morality or appropriateness) of sanctions against
> Iraq?  I'd appreciate all the information I can get from any of you.

I don't personally know of any cases where actual states (rather than
opposition parties or other organisations) have challenged the legality of
sanctions (as opposed to air stikes). ... maybe someone else can help you?


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