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two questions

Hi, everyone,

I'm a newcomer to this list, so I apologize if I'm asking questions that
have already been exhaustively discussed on this list...

First, I'm wondering how much and what kinds of popular
protests there have been in the U.S. against the Iraq sanctions. I am an
American, and since arriving in Cambridge in the fall have noticed a  lot
more activism here than I did at home.  The sanctions were really a
non-issue at my undergraduate campus, and the only national-level protests
I heard about regularly were Ramsey Clark's efforts and trips to Iraq.
Arab-American and Muslim-American groups have also protested, but I'm not
sure to what extent those kinds of activities got press coverage on a wide

Are there other groups active in the U.S.?  Which, and where?  It strikes
me that the level of ignorance in the U.S. is enormous (concerning the
effects of the sanctions) compared to elsewhere in the world.  The
demonization of Iraq (or "eye-rak," as many Americans still say!) is so
total that among ordinary Americans, there isn't even the
conceptual separation between Saddam Hussein and his people that there is

My second question has a somewhat self-serving intent:  I'm researching,
for an M.Phil. thesis in Intl Relations, the political efforts of states
in recent years to hold the UN Security Council more accountable to
international law; there has been growing concern, especially in the
South, that Security Council actions trespass on the UN Charter and int'l
law as a whole (as in the Bosnia embargo, Lockerbie/Libya case, etc.)  My
question is:  in what political fora, and when, have states challenged the
LEGALITY (not just the morality or appropriateness) of sanctions against
Iraq?  I'd appreciate all the information I can get from any of you.

I'm really impressed with this discussion list. A lot of people out there
really care, and care enough to really keep on track of what's going on.
That's awesome.


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