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Re: France on sanctions

Can't find the original story on the BBC site. There is a story today 
about France's proposals (which doesn't really say what they are), but it's 
much more bland and in-character for 
the BBC - refers to the sanctions as "oil embargoes" and makes no mention 
at all of human suffering. A gross misrepresentation.

As regards WMD, of course our case is not dependent on whether Iraq has 
or is in danger of possessing WMD - these extremely harsh sanctions are 
totally immoral and are *themselves* WMD. But 
personally, just IMO, I remain skeptical of US/British claims of Iraq's 
"suspected stockpiles". Also, the alleged ease of production of some very 
nasty biological and chemical weapons leads me to despair of any 
effective means (not even weapons inspections) of preventing their 
production and use, either by states or terrorists, or terrorist states 
such as the US and Britain. In quasi-democratic states public outcry can 
have a powerful effect, but with non-democracies - only the threat of 
retaliation would seem to be effective. 

(Incidentally, I believe the British govt. 
has now passed a law defining terrorism as membership of a group some 
of whose members commit "terrorist" crimes, including violence against 
property. This makes anyone belonging to an organisation which pulls up 
genetically-modified crops in the belief that they are potentially extremely 
hazardous to the environment and to human health, a "terrorist". In 
the same vein, "conspiracy" to criminal damage is a crime punishable 
with far higher sentences than criminal damage itself. "Conspiracy" seems to 
include belonging to a group which commits such activities. Such is the "free 
country" in which we live today.)

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