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Re: Casualties and claims: BBC

hello everyone

It seems that we are getting bogged down in specific cases. Everyone knows
that during a "war" civilians will be injured or killed. The point in this
case, I believe, should be that the military action was not justified EVEN
IF NO CIVILIANS HAD BEEN HURT. The longer the UK and US support sanctions
and military action against Iraq regardless of the rest of the World, the
more it appears that they are only a a trade-off with other Middle-East
nations in a "Keep-Iraq-out-of-oil-cartels-in-exchange-for-weapons-
purchase" deal.
If Iraq had really committed acxtion justifiable of military action, I
think most people would accept that a few civilian casualties were
unavoidable and really Saddam's fault. By concentrating on the civilian
injuries of Iraq, we are playing into the hands of the UK and the US (and
also Iraq if you anti-Iraq) by avoiding what is the REAL issue behind the
crisis - MONEY!
Even if it is a more complicated issue (and one we might not like to
believe about our new "sleaze-free" MPs), surely trying to win public
support for our campaign through what is not (I believe) the important
issue is disinformation itself?

Andrew Macbeth
(I may not have time to respond to individual replies, but I welcome
comments or corrections! I also apologise for bad typing!!!)

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