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FW: casualty figures

More info from BBC News yesterday:


Last month's US and UK air strikes on Iraq killed up to
             1,600 members of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard,
             the Pentagon says. 

             Several key individuals in the Iraqi leadership structure
             are also dead, officials say. 

             The bombing is also said to have destroyed equipment
             used to maintain and repair Iraq's military missile

             General Henry H Shelton, chairman of the American joint
             chiefs of staff, was giving the most detailed briefing
             the damage which he says was inflicted on the Iraqi
             military by operation Desert Fox - the four-day air
             bombardment of Iraq. 

                                 He said that between 600
                                 and 1,600 members of the
                                 Republican Guard could have
                                 been killed. But he was
                                 forced to admit that his
                                 estimate was based on
                                 unconfirmed reports from a
                                 variety of sources. 

                                 He said it was difficult to
                                 determine exactly how many
                                 people died. 

                                 The Pentagon also
             suggested that the structural damage inflicted on the
             Iraqi military machine was far more severe than was first
             thought and that 85% of targets had been struck and
             damaged significantly. 

             There was also a response to newspaper reports that an
             American spy had been sent into Iraq in March as part of
             the United Nations weapons inspectorate. 

             The Pentagon said that the US military had not used
             intelligence specifically gathered by UN weapons



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