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On Wed, 06 Jan 1999 18:33:20 +0100, you wrote:

>In the Cambridge Evening News of 17 December 1998 (p.5), it was reported that
>a US missile had fallen on the city of Khorramshahr in Iran, and that British
>and Swiss (representing USA) diplomats had been summoned to the Foreign
>Ministry in Tehran to receive an official protest. This was, apparently, one
>of the missiles aimed at Basra in Iraq.
>                                                       Geoffrey Roper
>                                                       Cambridge

This was a story ran by Reuters News Agency based on reports from
Iranian Radio and TV    but did not get wide copy.

The  report was followed up on the 19th dec says that Iranian Foreign
Minister Kamal Kharrazi   phoned Robin Cook in protest  about a stray
missile  that landed in Khorramshahr  and also calling for the attacks
against Iraq to stop .
A further Reuter's report on  the 20th said a  foreign ministry
spokesman said on Iranian TV  that the US had "expressed regret " at
the incident and that it would investigate it.
Apparently this was a Cruise missile but" it was not clear whether the
weapon's warhead had exploded"
Also on the 22 of Dec ,  Reuters reported that  2 Iranian newspapers
claimed that a second missile had landed in Khorramshar and had hit
near a road.

The radio also reported (Dec 19 ) that Kharrazi  told Cook that as
head of the OIC " there was extreme concern of the public opinion in
the Islamic world about these attacks "

Hope this helps 
Grayham Chayney

We have smart cards, smart bombs and smart arses , what we need is
smart  people.

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