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Re: Amnesty's Silence


Thanks for bringing this up. I am a member of a AI group in California. I have 
tried (for a long long time!) to have some of the AI leaders in USA (AIUSA)
to find a role for AI in the fight against sanctions. Limited success.

While some members do realize the seriousness of the situation in Iraq they
do not believe AI should be involved at all! I suspect this is partly
due to ignorance. The media here has done a great job of shutting out any 
reporting of what the sanctions are doing to the people of Iraq.

There are several ways AI members could help. I recently proposed a 
anti-sanctions resolution at the Western US Regional Conf. of AI. It passed
comfortably! I will be happy to post the resolution on this list, if many folks 
here want to read it.  The resolution will now be taken up at the AIUSA
AGM to be held in April in the United States.

As you mention, the AI-UK AGM is in April. 
Consider proposing a similar resolution.



Katy Connell
> Re: the recent posting of the AI 'urgent action' on the bombings of Iraqi
> hospitals.
> It is great news that AI is taking up this issue, but I would urge all
> those concerned about the situation in Iraq to lobby AI to take up the
> sanctions issue as well. AI remains 'neutral' on the issue of sanctions (an
> impossible position in my view). I have spoken to a representative at Human
> Rights Watch and they take a similar line. I feel it is vital that such
> international, respected, organised and resourceful bodies as AI and HRW end
> their silence on sanctions, which after all are killing 250 people per day -
> Amnesty declares that the taking of life is the ultimate abuse of human
> rights.
> Amnesty should be just as concerned about the damage that sanctions are
> doing to Iraqi hospitals and patients as it is about the damage that bombs
> are doing to them.
> Myself and another member of my AI group have sent letters to AI on this
> matter (having been told on the phone that the issue would require a change
> in the mandate) but have received no reply after 2 months and follow up
> letters. If people wish to see copies of the letters we've sent I will
> gladly send them or post them to the list. I think these organisations need
> a lot more lobbying, as their support and resources on this could be very
> influential.
> My intent is to send a letter every few days highlighting each time
> a different humanitarian item which has been denied to Iraq by the Sanctions
> committee. The letter also includes details of various sources for
> information on the humanitarian abuses in Iraq (eg. UNICEF, UNFAO, WHO, WFP,
> Denis Haliday, R Clark etc) - exactly the sort of sources they use to
> compile reports for campaigns in countries where they can't get direct
> access (eg China). The excuse of 'lack of resources' or sketchy information,
> which is one I had from HRW, really cannot be justified under the mountain
> of official documentation available to anyone with a large local library or
> a computer terminal. I also intend to send such letters highlighting
> individual abuses and detailing sources to HRW and the UK government, using
> Elias Davidsson' and Geoff Simons' lists as sources.
> I am an Amnesty member, and have brought the Iraq situation to the attention
> of my local group, who, after a presentation by Mil Rai, unanimously agreed
> to lobby AI in the name of our whole group. Inevitably there were questions
> about whether AI's mandate covers the issue of sanctions, but members, a
> number of whom are quite conservative about this sort of thing, were
> relatively easily persuaded by presentation of the facts. A glance at the
> Mandate on the AI website confirms that it easily covers the abuses of the
> sanctions, clearly in five or six different parts of the document.
> Indeed the document is so clear that the question becomes 'how can AIs
> mandate *not* cover the sanctions?'
> I believe that AI and HRW's silence on this issue when it is so vocal on
> other issues like Pinochet or Kosovo or Turkey not only allows government
> propaganda to go unanswered, but breeds suspicion that the suffering of
> Iraqis cannot really be that bad. After all, if it was so bad, surely
> Amnesty would say something?
> I have spoken to other AI members from different parts of the country who
> are trying to get their local groups to lobby AI as ours has done. I believe
> this is vital. The AGM is being held in April, and it would be great to have
> built up a head of steam before maybe bringing the issue up there.
> If any other AI members are doing something similar or would like some more
> information, I'd love to hear from them.
> My tuppence worth.
> Glenn Bassett.
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