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latest press release

This is a press release that I am sending out to the local media:

- for immediate release: 21 December, 1998 -

Ex-Labour party members submit petition to Anne Campbell

For months before the 1997 general election Stuart and Ann Hemsley could
be found at Alex Wood Hall telephone canvassing on behalf of Anne
Campbell.  As the election drew closer they worked in the office,
canvassed on the streets and did what needed to be done to re-elect Anne
Campbell as Cambridge MP.  After the election Ann Hemsley ran Ms Campbell
East Chesterton surgery, providing what many visiting constituents felt to
be a competent and caring atmosphere.

Both have since resigned from the Labour party.

Today Stuart and Ann Hemsley met Ms Campbell again, this time to present a
petition against the government's bombing of Iraq. Signatures were
collected from the congregation at the Hemsley's church, neighbours and
people at the vigils outside the Guildhall.  Its wording ran:

Dear Anne,

As you enjoy Christmas with your grandchildren will you spare a thought
for the children of Iraq who have been maimed and murdered (sorry -
"degraded") as a result of your Government's bombing of Iraq?

May we also invite you to consider how you would feel if your
grandchildren were being maimed and murdered as a result of your pursuing
a vendetta against one man?

Before receiving the petition Ms Campbell ejected the Cambridge Evening
News photographer from the room.  She then began to explain government
policy from a package prepared by Robin Cook.  When asked why, if Iraq had
such terrible weapons as "pilotless anthrax planes", Hussein hadn't used
them to retaliate against the American and British forces Ms Campbell
admitted that, "he hasn't got the means to deliver these things".

According to a Unicef report earlier this year some 5,000 to 6,000
children have been dying monthly in Iraq due to the sanctions.  Ms
Campbell, echoing Robin Cook, blamed this on Hussein, whom she accused of
trying to import liposuction machines rather than food.  Mr Hemsley then
asked whether Ms Campbell believed that Denis Halliday, former head of the
UN food-for-oil programme in Baghdad, was a liar.  Mr Halliday had
resigned in September, claiming that the sanctions were "morally bankrupt"
and should be lifted.  Even Scott Ritter, chief UN weapons inspector until
his resignation, also believes that the sanctions should be lifted.  A
British official in charge of inspecting imports has resigned on similar
grounds.  Under the current sanctions regime the Iraqi government can make
no purchases without the consent of the UN Sanctions Committee.

In response to questioning about the testimony of these experts Ms
Campbell was silent and the meeting ended.

- end - 

For more information contact Stuart Hemsley at 01223 315 585.  The
Hemsleys are retired school teachers.  Stuart is the chair of governors at
Shirley Infant School.  Ann was active at the local and county level in
King's Lynn, where they lived before moving to Cambridge two years ago,
and vice-chair of the North West Norfolk Constituency Labour Party.

Denis Halliday will be in Cambridge in January.  For more information
contact Seb Wills on or 01643 851 266 (out of term) 01223
507 858.

Colin Rowat
King's College                                                 
Cambridge CB2 1ST                       tel: +44 (0)468 056 984
England                                 fax: +44 (0)1223 335 219

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