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CASWI:If there is an attack on Iraq, then DEMONSTRATE TONIGHT ! (fwd)

See the following message about demonstrations in London tonight /
tomorrow if Iraq is attacked, which it seems is likely. Also note the
Emergency Committee on Iraq has called for a demonstration outside 10
Downing Street at 6pm on the day an attack is launched - preferably
wearing black and with ribbons to tie to trees and lamposts.

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 19:53:26 -0800
From: Hugh <>
Subject: * * * CASWI * * * If there is an attack on Iraq, then DEMONSTRATE TONIGHT !

If there is an attack on Iraq, then


(Wednesday 16th p.m. -- Thursday 17th a.m.) 

Campaign Against Sanctions and War on Iraq (CASWI)

If Clinton and Blair attack Iraq, there will be an immediate demonstration
opposite Number 10 Downing Street called by our Campaign. 

ALSO: Demonstration opposite Downing Street tomorrow (Thursday 17th) at 6
p.m., called by the National Peace Council and supported by our campaign;
a demonstration has also been called for the same time by the Iraq
Emergency Committee headed by George Galloway MP if Iraq is attacked. 

Phone inquiries: 

0171 436 4636

For further information, contact the Co-ordinator, Hugh Stephens, at: 

Phone: [44] 171 436 4636

Fax: [44] 171 436 4638



BM 2966

London WC1N 3XX


Donations: Make cheques out to "ICIES"

Among the sponsors of CASWI are: Felicity Arbuthnot, journalist; David
Polden, Non-Violent Resistance Network; 

Dennis Canavan MP; Harry Cohen MP; Jeremy Corbyn MP; Bob Wareing MP; John
McDonnell MP; 

Darvell Bruderhof and Beechgrove Bruderhof; Michael Stimson, Co-ordinator,
Green Party Wkg Group on Iraq; John Platts Mills QC; Stephen Rose,
Professor of Biology, Open Univ.; Hillary Rose, Professor of Sociology,
City Univ.; Geoff Simons, author of The Scourging of Iraq; Father Geoffrey
Bottoms; Peggie Preston, Dr. Janet Cameron, Jimmy Johns, Kevin Hemsley,
Gulf Peace Team (1991); and many others. Coordinator: Hugh Stephens. 

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