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US Says Iraq Sanctions Will Remain!! (fwd)

                  US Says Iraq Sanctions Will Remain

                  By Edith M. Lederer
                  Associated Press Writer
                  Tuesday, November 17, 1998; 9:20 p.m. EST

                  UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United States made clear
                  Tuesday that economic sanctions against Iraq will not
                  be lifted at the end of a review of Baghdad's
                  compliance with U.N. resolutions.

                  The U.N. Security Council has promised to launch a
                  review when U.N. weapons inspectors confirm Iraq has
                  resumed unconditional cooperation. Baghdad wants the
                  review to bring an end to the oil embargo imposed after
                  its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

                  But Deputy U.S. Ambassador Peter Burleigh said the U.S.
                  government has always viewed the comprehensive review
                  as just that -- a review of Iraqi obligations and the
                  many questions it hasn't answered.

                  ``We don't see the sanctions lifting as the end result
                  of the comprehensive review,'' he said.

                  Iraq's U.N. Ambassador Nizar Hamdoon said Tuesday night
                  that Baghdad believes it will be able to convince the
                  Security Council that it has meet ``the bulk of the
                  requirements'' in the resolutions.

                  ``If the comprehensive review comes up with a
                  conclusion that Iraq has done so, the sanctions
                  obviously and logically should be lifted,'' he said.

                  Burleigh stressed that while the council has focused on
                  resolutions demanding elimination of weapons, the
                  United States is also demanding its compliance with
                  resolutions calling for an accounting of missing
                  Kuwaitis, looted Kuwaiti property and government

                  To show that the United States considers the fate of
                  Kuwaiti prisoners ``an extremely important issue'' for
                  Iraq to resolve, Burleigh called a sudden news
                  conference and brought along Ibrahim Al-Shahine,
                  vice-chairman of the Kuwait National Committee for
                  Missing Persons and Prisoners of War Affairs.

                  ``Eight years after the war of liberation of Kuwait,
                  still we have over 600 people that Iraq refuses to give
                  any information about,'' Al-Shahine said. ``The Iraqi
                  authorities refuse to give information of who's alive
                  and who's dead.''

                  Hamdoon denied having any prisoners of war and said
                  Iraq was cooperating on the matter.

                  Burleigh dismissed Baghdad's suggestion that sanctions
                  should be lifted incrementally in proportion to
                  Baghdad's compliance.

                  ``It's not allowed under the resolutions. And as far as
                  I know, there's no member of the council arguing for
                  incremental lifting of sanctions,'' Burleigh said.

                  But Hamdoon said ``the council may well decide at the
                  end of the comprehensive review to lift the sanctions
                  partially,'' which he insisted has been envisioned in
                  Security Council resolutions.

                  The Iraqis have charged the United States with
                  misinterpreting U.N. resolutions to prolong the process
                  of lifting sanctions.

                       (c) Copyright 1998 The Associated Press

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