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Preparation for military strikes

Britain has advised all its citizens, including journalists, to leave
Iraq.  According to a journalist on Radio 4's PM programme, it is very
rare for the government to include journalists in such advice, although I
believe it did so in '91.  

Ironically, it is evident that any attacks on Iraq would greatly increase
risks of Iraq attacking its neighbours, risks that are negligible or
nonexistent today.  This is clear from the US government's call for its
citizens to vacate Israel and Kuwait, and from the following snippet of
BBC news:

             Israel prepares 

             Israel has responded to the possibility of US military
             action against Iraq by opening centres for the distribution
             of gas masks. Officials said Israel had to prepare for all
             possibilities, but doubted Iraq would strike at Israeli

             During the Gulf War in 1991, Iraq fired Scud missiles at
             Israel, but they were armed with conventional warheads. 

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