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weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

sorry to send out yet another email, just thought this was worth quoting:

"[Saddam Hussein] is the only leader anywhere in the world that I know of
who has used weapons of mass destruction. 5,000 people, mainly women and
children, died as a result of his use of weapons of mass destruction."
-- Tony Blair, in Prime Minister's Questions today (11/11/98) 

Quite apart from the dubiousness of the first sentence, he's calling
weapons which have killed 5,000 people weapons of mass destruction, and
not the sanctions which have resulted in an "increase in mortality
reported in public hospitals for children under five years of age...of
some 40,000 deaths *yearly* compared with 1989"  (quote from "Situation
Analysis of Children and Women in Iraq", UNICEF, 30th April 1998)
(emphasis addded) 

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