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New UK government website: 'BRITAIN, UNSCOM AND IRAQ'

1) New UK government website on Iraq
2) Prime Minister Tony Blair's statement on Iraq today

1) The British government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Ministry
of Defence have just launched an entire website entitled "Britain, UNSCOM
and Iraq".

The URL is:

This is how they describe it:

'BRITAIN, UNSCOM AND IRAQ' A special web site, operated jointly by the
Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence, on the developing
situation in Iraq has now been launched. Updated constantly with news
items from all UK Government sources, the site also carries a background
dossier on the work of UNSCOM, in both English and Arabic. Links to
related web sites worldwide are also available. 


2) British Prime Minister Tony Blair answered questions on the current
Iraq crisis in parliament today (11th Nov). His answers included: 

'He may think that the international community lacks the will to act. If
he does, he is seriously and profoundly wrong. We will act if he does not
immediately come back into compliance with the UN resolutions and abide by
the agreement that he has made.' (full text on the above website)

It appears from the transcript on the website mentioned above that he
omitted to answer one of Tam Dalyell MP's questions, namely "Can he [Tony
Blair] give the name of any Arab country, just one will do, which now in
the next month supports military action against Iraq?" 

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