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Re: Iraq Halts Dealings with Inspectors

Re: the following message about the VX loadings.  While I have not
followed these allegations closely I do know that the latest in the press
seems to be that the VX findings have been replicated by French and Swiss
labs; these tests were requested by the Iraqi government after a US
military lab made the initial allegations. (source: Financial Times

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> Source: Laurie Mylroie <>
> Organization: Information for Democracy
> Oct. 31, 1998
> Text of Iraqi Statement Announcing Suspension of Monitoring (AP, oct. 31)
> The second is the dirty game that was played by the Special Commission 
> and its head in cooperation with America about the VX claims. When the 
> truth came out through neutral laboratories in France and Switzerland, 
> the head of the commission did not admit the fact but kept requesting of 
> Iraq more explanations with the intention of prolonging and misleading. 

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