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October Surprise?

        The following dispatch comes from  It is significant that
the scheduled review of the continuing sanctions is also scheduled for

Ken Freeland (USA)

US plans to strike Iraq in October
Iraq, Politics, 8/31/98

Diplomatic sources in Cairo said they expect the U.S. to direct a military
strike at Iraq in October should Baghdad continue its refusal to cooperate
with the special international committee, UNSCOM, investigating weapons of
mass destruction in Iraq.

The sources told Saturday that the "U.S.A informed France,
Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt that it expect to be supported in
military operations against Iraq if Baghdad continued its current status."

The sources added that "Washington has reached an understanding with France
and Russia concerning this matter after Washington's approval last February
of changing its plan to strike at Iraq and allowing the United Nations
Secretary-General Kofi Annan to meditate to solve the crisis peacefully."

The sources added, "In case of Iraq's insistence on its current status, the
military operations will aim at weakening the Iraqi regime to the utmost
degree in order not to defy the Security Council's resolution."

*          The only REAL weapon of mass destruction in Iraq is the US/UN sanctions
regime:  The United Nations estimates 1.2 million Iraqi victims of the
sanctions, and the death toll grows daily.  A presentation by this
eyewitness is available to any group in the Houston/Texas area.  Write me
back for details!

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