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Fw: more information about a flesh-eating screw-worm let lose upon Iraq

Dear all
Has anyone else seen this awful information?
Clare Hariri

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Date: 12 August 1998 23:39
Subject: more information about a flesh-eating screw-worm let lose upon Iraq

I like to share the following information that I have just received from a
German whom I quoted in my article that appears below his email regarding a
lab developed fly being used in a secret biological warfare against Iraq.
    Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Arab Journal
ali baghdadi

Date: 12/08/98 03:25:43 ã Central Daylight Time
From: (George Pumphrey)

George Pumphrey
                                             M.-Grünewald-Str. 13
                                             D-53175 Bonn
                                             Fax:(49) 228-164 6604

Mr. Ali Baghdadi

                                                   12. August 1998

Dear Mr. Baghdadi,

I am very happy to see your article about the screwworm in Iraq. I
have been trying to draw attention to the probability that this is
an American bio-war attack.

It has been difficult to get the information published in the Sta-
tes, even in Left papers but the silence is being broken. The
"Real Washington" published a short article Feb. 15. 2 Senators
called the publisher to ask if this was satire, (the Real Washing-
ton is a satirical magazine) and the author assured them it was
not. Then the Apr. 4 issue of Blazing Tattles published an exten-
sive letter. Other journals are preparing to bring an article
soon, and there will be a chapter in a book against the sanctions
that will be

In Germany there were 2 articles at the beginning of the year that
pointed to the Bio-warfare aspect of the plague.

I see that you took your information from the "Independent". There
was a mistake in the original "Independent" article. I am being
listed as a specialist for biological warfare. This is false. I
have asked Felicity to place a correction:

   George Pumphrey is mistakenly discribed as a biological
   warfare specialist. Though he does research on US foreign
   policy, including the repeated use of biological weapons
   against the US' declared enemies, he has not specialist in
   biological warfare.

Would you please place this correction? I think it is in the in-
terests of all of us that the US government not be given this pos-
sibility to discredit the information about their attack through
an editor's mistake in the characterization of the source.

Take care.

Yours for Peace and Justice,

A lab developed flesh-eating fly being used in a secret biological warfare
against Iraq
By: Ali Baghdadi
August 7, 1998

     In violation of all international accords and agreements that govern
nations' conduct at times of war and peace, the United States government and
its agencies have been waging a new covert war against Iraq for the last
months.  The weapon being secretly used is an insect that was invented and
developed at the Department of Agriculture's Stoneville (Mississippi)
laboratories during the Nixon administration.  The fly, which has now been
loose upon Iraq by the Clinton administration as a biological weapon of mass
destruction, is designed to kill animals as well as humans.
    Though the Independent, a highly respected British newspaper published
London, broke the chilling and shocking news on August 2, the American news
media which must have access to all details has been deafly silent!  Their
coverage of this most alarming story, that is more controversial than all
Washington scandals put together as known in recent history, including
Watergate, is just zero!
    What is most disturbing is the fact that this is not a game for computer
enthusiasts to enjoy.  Nor is it harmless fiction play that allows its
to journey into unreachable horizons.
    It is a true story that no one would dare to get involved in unless he
she has the approval and blessings of the White House, which, considering
present state of affairs, is not hard to get.  President Clinton has been
defending himself against accusations leveled by women who were deliberately
and mischievously planted around him to trap and weaken the presidency.  His
administration, which is being run by Secretary of State Madeline Albright,
Secretary of Defense William Cohen, National Security Advisor Sandy Burger,
and other Zionist comrades, is prepared to experiment with anything that may
achieve their political objectives!  Since sanctions and military options
failed, Washington strategists apparently believe that the consumption of
flesh by flies in an effort to compel Baghdad into surrender and thus
the Zionist dream of greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile, becomes
worthwhile endeavor!
    Armies from 28 nations (including the U.S, the U.K. and France) that, in
42 days, dropped explosives equivalent to seven and a half Hiroshima nuclear
bombs (850,000 tons to be exact) and flew 110,000 bombing sorties did not
achieve the Israeli American objective.  Nor did the murder of one and a
million Iraqi civilians through starvation and lack of medication.
    According to briefing papers compiled by the U.N. Food and Agricultural
Organization, the outbreak of the livestock pest, known as screw-worm fly,
spread to 12 of the 18 Iraqi provinces since December, and has already
epidemic proportions.
    The insect, which attacks wounds, scars and cuts, newborn' navels and
bites of both warm-blooded animals and humans, and causes foul-smelling
discharges, has already resulted in the death of 40 people.  Its toll on
stock, according to a mission from the U.N. Food and Agriculture
that is currently visiting Iraq, is estimated to be in the tens of
A screw-worm female fly lays an average of four batches of 400 eggs on the
broken skin; and in just 12 hours they enter the body and hatch into flesh-
eating larvae.   A whole cow can be consumed in less than seven days.
    Middle East observers suspect that the screw-worm, which is native to
United States, Mexico and Central America, was introduced to Iraq as the
latest weapon to be used to supplement the American effort to undermine the
Baghdad government and eventually control Iraqi economic wealth and
  George Pumphrey, a German biological warfare specialist, as reported by
Independent, said that this weapon and its use to accomplish certain U.S.
goals is not something new:
    "Iraq is but the latest victim in what appears to be a deliberate
introduction of the screw-worm as a biological weapon. In Libya, where an
outbreak occurred in 1989, 2,000 animals were killed. It was exemplarily
combatted, yet by the following year it covered 35,000 km and killed 12,000
head of stock."
    At a time when the embargo has taken its toll on Iraqi livestock due to
lack of animal feed, the infestation and its impact on the Iraqi people
become catastrophic.
    We have discovered through our research that the history of this illegal
weapon goes back to the Nixon presidency.  With the urging and support of
President Nixon, the fly, which was originally designed to proliferate and
consume poppy crops, was developed by Dr. Jerome Jaffe, a pharmacologist,
after a meeting in his home city of Chicago, on June 10, 1971.  The name,
"screw-worm", was selected after the President remarked that the insect died
after intercourse as a self-destructive mechanism controlling its life cycle
when its mission is accomplished.  Nixon convinced Congress to appropriate
funds for the covert project only after he was able to disguise the
as an innocent-sounding ecological weed-killer.
    President Nixon indorsed the idea of using of the screw-worm to covertly
eradicate opium poppy in the "Golden Triangle", an area that includes parts
Burma, Laos and Thailand.
    Iraq, which is under the strictest and cruelest economic sanctions in
history, does not have the means to eradicate the screw-worm.  The task
involves breeding flies and sterilizing the males with radioactive cobalt
Baghdad is not allowed to have.
    Unless the world reacts and acts to stop this "holocaust" now, four
million more Iraqis, mostly women, children and the elderly, may soon
Ironically, the Zionists, the architects of U.S. policy in the Middle East,
believe that, to guarantee Israel's racist and violent existence in that
region, is not a high price!  Albright appearing on the "60 Minutes" NBC
program, once told the whole world, "it is worth it."

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