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UNSCOM's Roadmap a Roadblock (fwd)

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June 5, 1998



United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) Chairperson, 
Richard Butler ended two days of briefings before the UN 
Security Council on Thursday, June 4 without revealing the 
so-called roadmap for the lifting of the deadly U.S./UN 

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Sahaf said, "There is 
no roadmap.  They [UNSCOM] failed to get a new mandate 
[from the Security Council]. They said they'd bring a 
roadmap and share their information with the Security 
Council and Iraq. But instead they distributed the same 
vague points. It isn't anything new."

The International Action Center (IAC) and the Iraq 
Sanctions Challenge (ISC) demonstrated outside of the 
United Nations on Wednesday, June 3rd while Butler spoke 
to the Security Council. The group chanted "End the 
Sanctions Now, Let Iraq Live" and "Richard Butler You 
Can't Hide, We Charge You With Genocide!" 

"The U.S. Government's roadmap for ending the sanctions is 
the Highway of Death for the children, the elderly and the 
sick of Iraq," said Sara Flounders co-coordinator of the 
International Action Center. Flounders was a member of the 
Iraq Sanctions Challenge that recently delivered $4 
million in medical aid to Iraq in defiance of the 
sanctions. "The Iraqi people must have the sanctions 
lifted. It would be useful to remember how the November 
1997 - February 1998 military crisis began. The Iraqis 
said that there was no `light at the end of the tunnel.' 
They insisted that they were in compliance of paragraph 22 
of Security Council Resolution 687, yet there was no 
timetable to lift the sanctions. 

"It was the mobilization of anti-war forces around the 
world that prevented what appeared to be an imminent U.S. 
air war in February," Flounders continued. "It is possible 
that U.S. intransigence or a new U.S. provocation could 
lead to a new military crisis. 

"Since the February 23rd agreement between Kofi Annan and 
the Iraqi leadership, Iraq has opened it's Presidential 
sites for inspection. Butler and the U.S. are now busy 
creating new roadblocks to the lifting of sanctions. We 
urge all anti-war activists to be on the alert and begin 
preparations for reviving the movement that sprang up from 
New York to San Francisco to Ohio State University and 
everywhere in between."

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