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NEWS: U.N. hears report on Iraqi weapons compliance (fwd)

                  U.N. hears report on Iraqi weapons compliance

                  U.S.: Inspectors show 'pattern of concealment'

                  June 3, 1998

                  UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- The U.N. Security 
                  Council spent Wednesday behind closed
                  doors, listening to a presentation from the United
                  Nations' chief weapons inspector, Richard Butler,
                  on Iraq's compliance with demands to dismantle its
                  weapons of mass destruction. 

                  Bill Richardson, U.S. ambassador to the United
                  Nations, said Butler outlined a "pattern of
                  concealment" by Iraq of its weapons program, and
                  that inspectors "produced a devastating blow to
                  Iraq's credibility." 

                  Butler "produced documents [and] charts that
                  catalogue the gaps and inconsistencies in Iraqi
                  claims in the chemical, biological and other fields,"
                  Richardson said. He also said Butler provided new
                  and "disturbing" information on Iraq's ballistic
                  missile program. 

                  Butler's review of Iraqi compliance with U.N.
                  demands is to continue before the council
                  Thursday morning. 

                  Iraqi official: We have complied

                  On Tuesday, Iraqi Foreign Minster Mohammad Saeed
                  al-Sahaf was given the same opportunity to brief the
                  Security Council. According to documents obtained by 
                  Reuters, al-Sahaf told council diplomats, "We do not 
                  have any prohibited weapon components, production 
                  equipment or precursors thereof. 

                  "I also like to confirm that we have provided
                  [weapons inspectors] with all the documents we
                  have, and we do not conceal any document of the
                  type sought," he said. 

                  U.N. weapons inspectors must certify that Iraq is
                  free of illegal weapons before the council will lift
                  sanctions imposed in August 1990 after Iraqi troops
                  invaded Kuwait. 

                  Iraqi officials insist they have cooperated and
                  dismantled proscribed weapons. Russia, France,
                  China and some other U.N. countries have been
                  pressuring Butler to back up his claims to the

                  Butler outlines 'road map' for lifting

                  Butler, who plans to visit Baghdad June 11-15, said
                  before Wednesday's meeting that he intended to give the
                  council a "road map" showing what remains to be
                  done for Iraq to comply fully with U.N. disarmament
                  resolutions. That information would then be given
                  to the Iraqis. 

                  However, Butler is not expected to give the Iraqis
                  detailed lists of exactly what he is looking for,
                  fearing that Iraq would then withhold information
                  about matters that weapons inspectors have not
                  yet discovered. 

                  Meanwhile, in Iraq, U.N. teams are continuing their
                  inspections. On Wednesday, they went to a site
                  about an hour north of Baghdad, looking for
                  confirmation that Iraq had actually destroyed and
                  buried its weapons of mass destruction, as it has

                  Iraqi officials have led U.N. teams to areas they say
                  hold remnants of dismantled weapons. The teams
                  are also making surprise inspections of sites where
                  they suspect Iraq may still be hiding forbidden

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