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Mil Rai arrested .. voices in wilderness uk

In case you haven't heard yet (Mil came to do a talk in cambridge last

Sanctions-breakers arrested
On 18 March, Milan Rai and Martin Thomas were arrested and questioned by
Customs on suspicion of attempting to illegally export children's
antibiotics to Iraq on 10 February. The medicines were seized; Milan and
Martin took children's vitamins from Jordan into Iraq instead. If
prosecuted and convicted, Milan and Martin face up to five years in

Voices in the Wilderness UK
A new group has been formed to continue hand-delivering medicines to sick
children in Iraq, breaking US/UK/UN sanctions. Voices in the wilderness uk
will organise delegations to Iraq, educate people about the effects of
sanctions, and defend anyone who is prosecuted. 
Contact: Voices in the wilderness uk, Stanhope House, 1 Hertford Road,
London N2 9BX. Phone: Mil 0181 444 1605 or David 0171 607 2302. Internet:

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