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Poem by Shaok Sabah (fwd)


This is the poem to which i was referring.  I would appreciat getting in
touch w/ Shaok or getting permission from her to publish and post this
poem in newsletters and on websites.  It already has been translated into

Thank you,
-Rania Masri

Iraq Action Coalition

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Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 13:25:05 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Poem by Shaok Sabah

Hello everyone this is Kifah from CASI Middlesex, lets keep mobilised. Here is
a poem by Shaok Sabah, a young Iraqui girl living in London, this was read out
during last saturdays demonstration at Trafalgar Square:

                One Day We Shall Return

        I sit and wait for the time to pass
        For the world to wake up  and open its eyes
        I scream and shout at the top of my lungs
        I cry and weep until my eyes dry out
        Until the emptiness fills my heart
        With a bitter sadness impossible to describe

        But the world is deaf and blind
        And my voice and tears are bloated out
        By the most ugliest sounds of all

        The sound of weeping mothers
        And starving children
        Of torture and suffering
        Of a child crying out for help and salvation
        Begging to be noticed and heard

        And so I sit and watch the screen fill with blood and terror
        While my heart grows with a vicius hatred
        Impossible to scrape away

        I see a woman holding a dead child in her arms
        While the tears swin in her eyes
        And the happiness in her heart fades away
        Into eternal emptiness and despair

        I see innocent people on the ground 
        Covered with the blanket of death
        Their blood forming a red sea
        Which would flow forever in their sleep

        I see barefooted children on the streets
        Searching for the truth
        Wondering why they have been denied
        Their childhood and rights

        I see a tiny baby lying on his grave 
        A little creature in the wilderness
        Who was nborn in a world that was falling apart
        And who died in its arms not knowing why and how

        I see the remaining ruins of a building
        That once stood beautiful and erect
        And wonder why the world is blind
        And still insists to pretend

        The blood and suffering I see is real
        But life still goes on
        And I sit and watch the screen 
        While the leaders try to rule the world
        And take away the only precious thing I possess
        My family and friends
        I hope and dream and the years go by
        But still I'm lost and without a home
        I laugh and talk and eat and drink
        While inside I cry out for the one thing
        That will make me whole

        I am a stranger in an unknown land
        An alien in a different world
        A confused child in the body of a man

        Where is the justice the west is on about?
        Why are our children starving?
        And why are my people been set aside to hurt and to die?
        And why is the world so silent?

        We have the right to be raised in our own lands
        Without a single threat
        So go away and let us live our lives
        Without suffering and fear

        Take away all the money and all the riches
        You have craved for
        But don't you dare snatch a newborn
        From it's mother's womb
        Or pluck a blooming flower from it's roots! 

        You have tried time and time again
        To change the course of History
        To abuse the lands of civilisation, wisdom and knowledge
        But one thing you have struggled but failed to acheive
        Is stab the american flag in it's heart of hearts!

        I guarantee you that
        One day we shall return
        We will build and grow and learn
        While you will be looking from the outside
        Tearing your hearts apart for the crimes you have committed
        That will place you down in History
        As a coward and a fool!

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This is a discussion list run by Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
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