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Monday, 9th March 1998.  London, Britain.

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright today faced angry protests on her
arrival for bi-lateral talks with Foreign Secretary Robin Cook MP.  The
protesters included a group of students from Oxford University, religious
campaigners including representatives of the Bruderhof communities, members
of London's Arab community, and other concerned members of the public.

Albright and Cook were forced to stand in embarrassed silence before the
international press 'photo opportunity' while protesters chanted slogans
against the war threats and sanctions blockade on Iraq, and then had to
listen while CASWI Co-ordinator Hugh Stephens addressed them with the
following statement, which was recorded by a number of the TV and radio
stations in the full and clear hearing of Albright and Cook themselves:

"Madeleine Albright first made her mark upon world public opinion by
remarking that the death of more than half a million children in Iraq is
"worth it" to control the region.  What irony that someone who utters such
sentiments about children dying in their mothers' arms for lack of medicine
and nutrition should arrive for talks on the day following International
Women's Day!

"Further, she has, along with other US and British leaders, systematically
misrepresented the situation regarding the United Nations and international
law, and has fostered the false claim that it would be 'legal' under
existing UN Security Council resolutions for the US and Britain to attack
Iraq any time they feel this would be in their 'national interests'.

"This is precisely the kind of behaviour which the entire structure of
post-war international law was designed to prevent.  It amounts to making a
statement of criminal intent to breach the international peace.  Robin
Cook, who is a lawyer, knows this perfectly well and should dissociate
himself from this US standpoint immediately.

"We call on all the international media who are attending today's press
conferences to raise these questions with Albright and Cook, and not accept
prevarication from them.  Do they or do they not make the false claim that
attacks on Iraq would now automatically be sanctioned under existing
Security Council resolutions?  Demand clear answers.  Do not accept
prevarication.  Inform your readers and viewers of the truth."

Passers-by took leaflets from the protesters, and a number of reporters
interviewed the students and others on the demonstration.

The Campaign Against Sanctions and War on Iraq (CASWI) is a grass roots
campaigning network.

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Campaign Against Sanctions and War on Iraq (CASWI)

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