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For your information, details of Hugh Stevens' new campaign group. It
remains to be decided to what extent CASI will work as an integral part
of, rather than alongside, this new group, but we will certainly be
working together. (n.b. the similarity between the names CASI and CASWI is

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Statement on the inauguration of the Campaign Against Sanctions and War on
Iraq (CASWI).  5 March, 1998.

The Campaign Against Sanctions and War on Iraq (CASWI) was launched at a
meeting at London University last night.  Students from 12 universities and
colleges of London University participated in its launch, both through
delegates present and through written contributions, as well as
representatives of trades unions, academics, peace campaigners, youth
representatives, and representatives of the Arab, Mauritian , Bangla Deshi
and Pakistani communities living in Britain.  A number of Arab student
societies were represented.  The participants and messages came from
London, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Lancaster, Glasgow, Manchester,
Essex and many other places, and messages of support were received from
campaigning groups in the US, Italy, France, Spain and Greece.

The aim is to build CASWI as a grass-roots campaigning network.  It will
invite sponsorship from public figures and well-known personalities, but
the organisation will be entirely in the hands of the individuals and
groups participating.  All those groups and individuals participating in
CASWI are entirely autonomous, and participate in it only to the extent
that they find it useful.  CASWI neither intends to attempt to erect an
'umbrella' over other campaigning groups, nor to attempt to get under any
other umbrella and try to influence any other campaign or try to deflect it
from what it is doing.

During this past month of high tension and hectic campaigning work, many of
us have formed new working relationships in building demonstrations and
other campaigning activities, and many new people have been drawn into the
campaigns against sanctions and war.  The campaigners within the
established peace organisations, such as the National Peace Council and the
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament have worked closely with us.  Those now
grouped together in CASWI have built a good track record of close and
constructive joint work with all concerned  indeed, our demonstration of
Saturday February 21st was the biggest of the series, and held together,
and augmented, the mobilisation raised by the NPC the previous week.

Having campaigned against sanctions on Iraq since 1990, and having
co-ordinated the International Commission of Inquiry on Economic Sanctions
headed by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and others, we also have
a long track record in this field, which has involved thousands of people
in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and elsewhere.

It is to hold together these valuable working relations among campaigners,
and to welcome in the many new student and other new arrivals on the
campaigning scene, that CASWI is being built.

The following networks are being built within CASWI:  students; Arab
student societies; media and information; legal; trades unions; religious;
demonstration organisation; celebrity sponsorship; parliamentary lobbying;
international; video network; web-site.  Last night's meeting laid much
groundwork for these networks, and all those concerned are invited to
participate in them.

For further information, contact the Co-ordinator, Hugh Stephens, on the
above numbers.


Campaign Against Sanctions and War on Iraq (CASWI)

For further information, contact the Co-ordinator, Hugh Stephens, at:

Phone:  [44] 171 436 4636

Fax:    [44] 171 436 4638


BM 2966
London WC1N 3XX

Donations:  Make cheques out to "ICIES"

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