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* * * * Saturday 28th Feb Trafalgar Square rally is ON AS PLANNED * * * *

If people in Cambridge who'd like to go to Saturday's demo (see below) get
in touch with me, we might be able to arrange group transport...

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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 22:33:56 -0800
From: hugh <>
Subject: * * * * Saturday 28th Feb Trafalgar Square rally is ON AS PLANNED * * * *

The Saturday demonstration is going ahead.  We urgently need help with
distributing leaflets, getting the word around, etc.  We also need stewards
for the event.

Please contact us on 0171 436 4636


Tony Benn MP and other speakers

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Trafalgar Square

No more threats!  Lift the sanctions!

The threats to bomb Iraq have not yet ceased, and even after Kofi Annan's
agreement, the US military build-up in the Gulf continues.

The statements of Clinton, Blair and other US and British representatives
that they would be prepared to attack Iraq without UN authorisation have
amounted to statements of criminal intent to carry out aggression.

Their claim that US and British 'national interests' could justify such
aggression challenges not only the authority of the United Nations but the
entire conception of international legality.

The international press are invited to attend this important event in
Trafalgar Square, where all those who wish to see a just peace in the
Middle East will be urged by Tony Benn MP and other speakers to continue to
participate in the planned activities against war threats and sanctions on

The organisers believe that such manifestations of popular opposition to
the government's policy are an important part of the work to ensure that no
further such threats of military aggression are made, and that the
genocidal sanctions blockade, which has now killed 1.2 million Iraqis, is
lifted immediately.

For further information, interviews with event organisers, etc., phone:

0171 436 4636

The proposers of this initiative may be contacted by phone as follows:
Felicity Arbuthnot, 0181 985 0058;
David Polden, 0171 607 2302;
Hugh Stephens, 0171 436 4636.
Sponsors:  Harry Cohen MP;
Jeremy Corbyn MP;
Bob Wareing MP;
Alf Lomas MEP;
Philippa Winkler, editor of Hidden Casualties;
Daniel Robicheau, Gulf War II Information Network;
Essex Region CND;
Chelmsford CND;
Suffolk CND;
Keith Bovey, President, Scottish CND;
Coastal League Against Armaments;
Musicians Against Nuclear Weapons;
Jim Addington, RENEW UN;
Anglican Pacifist Fellowship;
Darvell Bruderhof and Beechgrove Bruderhof;
Sister Marie McGuinn;
Michael Stimson, Co-ordinator, Green Party Wkg Group on Iraq;
John Platts Mills QC;
John Hendy QC;
Socialist Labour Party:
Arthur Scargill, General Secretary,  Frank Cave, President, Pat Sikorski,
Student Coalition Against War in the Gulf;
Anita Goldsmith, Nat. Women's Officer, Nat. Union of Students;
Victoria Brittain, journalist;
Tim Gopsill, Editor of The Journalist;
Rula Lenska, actress;
Stephen Rose, Professor of Biology, Open Univ.;
Hillary Rose, Professor of Sociology, City Univ.;
Jim Nolan, Merseyside Port Shop Stewards Committee;
Bob Crow, Asst Gen Sec, RMT (pers. capac.);
Roger Bunn, Music Industry Human Rights Association;
Khalid H Lodhi, journalist;
Geoff Simons, author of The Scourging of Iraq;
David Hoffman, author of The Politics of Terror;
Mujahid Tirmizey, General Secretary, Pakistan Institute of International
Affairs (UK Branch);
Friendship Across Frontiers;
Catherine Stenger, artist, poet;
Marianne Ure, Justice and Peace, Scotland;
Peggie Preston, Dr. Janet Cameron, Jimmy Johns, Kevin Hemsley, Gulf Peace
Team (1991)

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