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Dear All,
         Last Monday (the 16th) about 60 people attempted to blockade
Northwood Joint Rapid Deployment Force Joint-Permanent Head Quarters - the
nerve center for the current Gulf War build-up, co-ordinating ground, air
and sea forces. This involved sitting in the road coupled with passive
Three people were arrested. One was charged with obstruction.
This all had a certain nuisance value and provided some good pictures for
the press.
 On 1st - 2nd March we're going to try it again, only this time bigger
(and hopefully better). The idea is to either block the two entrances and
prevent people from going in and out or force the police to arrest lots of
people, in itself a powerful statement. 
I stress that the event is to be completely non-violent.
It will will start at 1 pm on Sunday March 1st and finish at 1 pm on
Monday 2nd March. There will be a (non-arrestable) vigil and several
attempts to blockade
the entrances. Bring candles for the vigil. Come for as long as you can.
The nearest London tube station is Northwood. Contact me for a copy of the
map showing the HQ's location in relation to the station. Further details
can also be gotten from the Non-violent Resistance Network on (0171) 607

Gabriel Carlyle
Magdalen College
Oxford OX1 4AU.
tel. (01865) 276012

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