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Who's with the U.S. against Iraq

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 Who's with the U.S. against Iraq
 6.58 p.m. ET (2358 GMT) February 12, 1998

 (AP) =97 Countries that have promised support for any U.S.-led
 military strike on Iraq, according to them or according to

 ARGENTINA: Says its position is the same as in 1991 when it sent
 two ships to the Gulf.=20

 AUSTRALIA: Has pledged a detachment of Australian Special Air
 Service troops for search and rescue, two Boeing 707 aircraft to
 refuel U.S. planes and intelligence and medical specialists. Up to
 250 Australian troops to take part.=20

 BRITAIN: Has sent the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible to Persian
 Gulf along with about 2,500 air force and navy personnel, and is to
 send eight Tornado ground-attack planes to Kuwait. A second
 carrier, the HMS Illustrious, will also head to the Gulf.=20

 CANADA: To send the frigate Toronto to the Gulf along with two
 C-130 Hercules transport planes.=20

 CZECH REPUBLIC: Supports military strike as last resort and will
 offer logistical and land mine experts.=20

 GERMANY: Will allow U.S. forces to use air bases to support any
 attack against Iraq. Bases are considered a critical link in the supply
 and logistics network.=20

 HUNGARY: Supports a military attack and is ready to participate,
 either by allowing the use of its airspace and air fields or sending a
 medical team to the Persian Gulf as it did during the 1991 war.=20

 KUWAIT: Has made no public statement in support of a U.S.
 attack, but has allowed the United States to use its bases to build up
 its forces in the region. U.S. officials have said the Kuwaitis will
 allow its bases to be used for operations against Iraq.=20

 OMAN: U.S. officials say Oman has agreed to allow five KC-10
 tankers to be deployed on its territory. They would refuel B-52
 bombers flying out of the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia.=20

 PORTUGAL: Has authorized the United States to use its
 mid-Atlantic Lajes air force base. The Lajes base, 800 miles west
 of mainland Portugal, was a key staging and refueling base during
 the 1991 Gulf War.=20

 POLAND: Has offered to send chemical warfare troops to the
 Persian Gulf.=20

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