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URGENT - fax attack!

Dear everyone,

As many of you know, several CASI people went to the inaugral meeting of
the Emergency Committee on Iraq in the House of Commons last night. The
meeting was very good - a full report will be sent to the list later
today. I wish any of you who still support the bombing of Iraq could have
been there - I doubt you would still hold that view.

Everyone present was urged to take part in a mass protest faxing to the
British war effort, and the private fax numbers below were given out.

PLEASE, if you are opposed to another war in the Gulf, fax a letter of
protest to the following people. Now! Please!

You don't even have to have the hassle of finding a fax machine to use, as
below each fax number I have given a special email address. Email sent to
that address gets printed out on the fax machine, for free (the only catch
is that the cover sheet of the resulting fax will contain an advertisement
for an Internet company).  Don't forget to include your postal and email
address in your message. [If anyone wants to know more about this
email->fax service, see]

Rt Hon Tony Blair MP
Prime Minister
Fax: 0171 930 9572
(the whole thing, starting "remote-printer" and ending ".int", is the
email address to use)

Rt Hon Robin Cook MP
Foreign Secretary
Fax: 0171 270 2144

Derek Fatchett MP
Minister of State
Fax: 0171 270 3731

Rt Hon George Robertson MP
Secretary of State for Defence
Fax: 0171 218 7140

There is to be debate and vote on military action on Iraq in the House of
Commons on Tuesday. Please make sure your MP knows your views about
military action against Iraq.

Anne Campbell (Cambridge MP)
constituency office: Phone: 01223 506500
                     Fax:   01223 311315

If you don't know who your MP is, phone the House of Commons Information
Service on 0171 219 4272.

We were also encouraged to contact our MEPs to attempt to unite Europe
against military action on Iraq. (Anyone know who the MEP for Cambridge

Please take the time to write those faxes (or emails)  -- it *will* make
an impression if they receive enough faxes expressing opposition to a new
war in the Gulf. If you really don't know what to write, the report on the
meeting last night (to be emailed out soon) may give you some ideas.

Updated info on the protest on Saturday will be emailed out later today.

Best regards,


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