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About Alan's opinion

Dear Alan and all interested:

        I (again for the second time) stand in complete disagreement with your
opinions. Clare's idea of a letter sent to the MPs sounds good to me. I beleive
that the letter in itself presents a call for something bigger than an end to
the economic sanctions to Iraq and its possible bombing by the US and the Uk,
it presents a desire to democratize further this country's governemnt. I think
all of us fighting for the lifting of the sanctions can realize that there is a 
manufactured consensus amongst the britis population that Iraq should be
bombed. I say manufactured because the media shows nothing but big pictures of
evil Saddam (which remind me of the pictures of Goldstien placed on the
telescreens in Orwell's 1984 when everyone was forced to watch and hate for an
 hour a day). However there is no discussion aboutr if war is a good idea after
all. The people of this country, the mothers of the men who will be sent to
Iraq to bomb the houses of inosent starved people, should have a say in the
desition of making war or not. The desition is being taken by this countries
government, who appears to be more interesting in pleasing Mr Clinton than
anything else. 
 Alan, your crtisism touches upon the legality of the military action, how
about considering the really radical view of seeing all acts of war as illegal?
Is that to dificult for you?  
 Have you forgotten that the French and Russians are reluctant to solve this
trhough military action? Or maybe that doesn't matter to you, because you think
that Britain and the US have the right stand always?
 You also said that  the Iraquis wouldn't be justified to attack the UK back
(as if they could, scuds do not reach that far) if the UK and the US attacks
them first, do you think that if someone blows your family away with a "smart"
bomb you wouldn't feel justified to bomb that agressor country back? Put
yourself in the Iraquis position, dear Alan, I know it might be a bit difficult
for us being here in a priviledged position in which nothing can touch us, but
just try to do it. 
  As you say, if the Iraquis try to place bombs in Cambridge (which wont happen
lets face it) it would be an act of terrorism, but so is to bomb inocent
civilians, and it appears to me that you are quite happy with that as well.
 I guess that is all I have to say for now my honourable friend, hope your
views over bombing Iraq (as written the 4th Feb) will change and we can all
join forces to look for peacefull solutions to a dispute (like the one Clare pu
forward) rather than panicking about attacks on Cambridge by infuriated
                                        Kifah Sasa
                                        CASI Middlesex
PS. Clare  I'm with your cause! 
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