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Re: your mail

Dear Everyone

I really must express my horror at the letter Clare has sent to everyone
about military action on Iraq which she proposes to send to MPs.

It is perfectly legitimate to try to express concern at trigger happy US
diplomacy, but it is not right to twist the UN Charter to suggest that any
enforcement action against Iraq would be an act of aggression.  On the
contrary, it would merely be enforcing the peace treaty signed by Iraq at
the close of the war relating to Iraq's act of aggression towards Kuwait.

More importantly, ikt is surely wrong for Clare to suggest we send letters
which say that any military action  against Iraq would justify the Iraqi
people taking retaliatory action against our own countries.  This suggests
that if military action is taken to enforce UN resolutions and destry
weapons of mass destruction, this would justify terrorist attacks against
outr country.  This is a disgraceful thing to suggest.  The very reason we
need to destroy Iraq's weapons capability is that its biological and
chemical weapons could be used for just such terrorist attacks.  As many
of our parents work for the government, and we go to a university which
could be a high profile terrorist target, I am very angry that anyone
thinks that members of the CASI list want to sign a letter which, when
read in future months after just such terrorist actions may have occurred,
would seem to have been condoning them.

Clare, I appreciate what you are trying to do and have a lot of sympathy
with what you are saying, but please write a more restrained letter for
people to put their names to.  In the meantime, I urge everyone not to
sign the letter  in its present form.

Best wishes

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