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No Subject

Dear All

A small group has prepared the letter set out below which is to be sent
to every single M.P.  The idea is that as time is too short to collect
signatures we are asking people if they would be willing for their names
to be added at the end of the letter. One copy of the letter will be sent to each MP with a list of 
as many names as possible.  Addresses will not be added.  If anyone is willing to do this could 
their please contact
me with their name, address and stating their willingness.  Your name only will then be added to 
the letter.  It is proposed to try and get publicity at the time of posting the letters.

'Dear (MP)

We the undersigned wish to call upon you, a legally elected representative of the British people to 
their government in Westminster, to ensure that the British people be genuinely apprised of the 
magnitude of the consequences of the proposed course of action presently being co-ordinated in
joint action between the American and British governments in respect of
Iraq, and thereby to allow the British people to reach a considered decision as to whether or not 
this nation wishes to undertake the responsibility for and consequences of that course of action.

We wish the public record to note that:

1.      It is illegal for any nation to start a war against another nation that has not in fact 
committed acts of war against the instigator.  To thus
start a war against another nation is an act of aggression.

2.      If indeed the United States and Great Britain pursue their jointly announced intentions to 
make military strikes against Iraq, these two nations will be guilty of aggression and, as such, of 
gross illegal misuse of
American and British forces.

3.      Under the terms and conditions of the United Nations Charter, such military action is 
illegal and would be carried out without and in contravention of the consent of the United Nations.

4.      To take aggressive military action against Iraq will endanger the entire world and, in 
particular, the citizens of the United States and Great
Britain whose leaders will have given just cause to the Iraqi people to
retaliate in whatever ways they are able.

5.      It must be noted that the media in the United States and Great Britain are being used to 
incite support from the citizenry, by insinuating acts of unspeakable horror that might be 
committed by Iraq, and on the basis
of these insinuations to justify starting a conflagrational war in the
Middle East.

6.      If the aggressive stance of the govenments of the United States and
Great Britain is motivated by concern for the sovereign safety of an ally in the region, then it is 
their responsibility as Security Council members of the United Nations to assure that all nations 
in the region abide
by all United Nations resolutions, in the interest of seeking real and
lasting peace for the Middle East and for the World.

There is no issue of greater significance to human life at this moment
in time.  If war is commenced, its horrors will outlive us all.

Surely the good and decent will of the British people should be consulted and listened to at this 
hour when a few would commit us all to war.

We await your public acknowledgement of our call to reason and sanity in
the execution of your responsibility to the citizens you represent.

Yours sincerely'

We hope to collect as many names as soon as possible in the next few days

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