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Zinni and Cohen war overtures unwelcome in Saudi

This one of many tens of "country X doesn't support strikes" new items
I've seen. Thought this one was worth forwarding since Saudi also
expresses a view of how Saddam should behave.

P.S. Anyone watch the Johnathon Dimbleby programme? Could you provide a
     summary to the list if it was interesting?


 Zinni and Cohen war overtures unwelcome in Saudi 

 South News Feb 8

 DUBAI:  Saudi Arabian papers declared its opposition to a 
 military strike against Iraq setting Defence Secretary William 
 Cohen and the commander of US Gulf forces Marine Corps General 
 Zinni a  challenge when they meets King Fahd on Sunday. 

 ``We'll not agree and we are against striking Iraq as a people
 and as a nation,'' the English-language daily Arab News on
 Sunday quoted the Defence Minister Prince Sultan,as saying. 

 The Arabic-language daily Okaz also reported his remarks,
 made to reporters on his return to the kingdom on Saturday
 after convalescence in Morocco following surgery in
 Switzerland last year. 

 Prince Sultan, who is defence and aviation minister, second
 deputy prime minister and second in line for the throne after
 Crown Prince Abdullah, urged Iraq to stick to U.N.

 ``At the same time, we say to (Iraqi President) Saddam
 Hussein to abide by the U.N. resolutions in order to protect
 his people and put an end to their seven-year-long
 sufferings,'' he was quoted by the Arab News as saying. 

 Saudi Arabia was the springboard for the 1991 Gulf War led
 by U.S. forces to expel Iraqi occupation troops from
 Kuwait when the US Gulf field commander Swartzkopf was 
 technically under the command of the Saudi commander in chief.  

 U.S. Defence Secretary William Cohen is due to arrive in
 Saudi Arabia's commercial capital Jeddah on Sunday with
 the commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, Marine
 Corps General Anthony Zinni. 

 They are due from Germany at the start of a tour of
 Washington's six Gulf Arab allies -- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
 Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. 

 Cohen on Saturday ordered six stealth fighter-bombers, six
 B-52 bombers, six F-16 fighters, one B-1B bomber and 23
 support aircraft to join the huge American force of warships
 and planes gathered in the Gulf and on Britain's Indian Ocean
 island base of Diego Garcia.  

 The Saudi-based Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the
 world's largest Moslem body, and its chairman, Iranian
 President Mohammad Khatami, called over the weekend for
 intensified efforts to avoid a military confrontation between
 the United States and Iraq. 

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