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For Alan Bates and the rest

Dear Alan, and other CASI supporters:
        I am quite suprised to hear from Alan Bates (4th Feb)
a support to the posible military
action by the UN towards Iraq and quite honestly I haven't got a clue where is
he comming from. Alan, if you are a supporter of a group that favours
humanitarian issues, that rejects sanctions that starve people and have led to
the death of a million inosent civilians, how can you support an action that
will bomb a city and kill thousands? 
 Yes, CASI is in no way supportive of the Sadam Hussein regime. But we are not
supportive of HIS regime because of his violations to the Human rights of
Kurds, and muslim minorities of his country as well as presenting a threat to
the peace of the area. In other words, we don't like Hussein because he has a
regime that kills people. That doesn't mean that to get rid of him we will
support further killings or killers!
 No, dear Alan, there is no reason why the UN or the US or any other force
should bomb, blast and destroy populations, whatever the cause!
 It is absurd to support the lifting of the embargo (that kills people) if at
the same time you support the bombimng of Bagdad (that kills people)!
  Back to your point of a military move that bombs only presidential sites: Do
 your really believe that the bombing will hit only such sites? 
And if we are to worry about weapons of mass destruction held by governemnts
who like invading other countries why aren't we worried about Israel, just a
couple of miles away from Iraq, with as many weapons and with a not very clean
human rights record?
 I am sorry Alan, I am disgusted that someone that consideres himself to follow
a humanitarian cause will, at the same time support the fascist option promoted
by Mrs Albright, the US and Tony Blair. 
Make up your mind: you support killings or not!
                                                Kifah Sasa
                                                CASI Middlesex University
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