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Re: Iraq

I must stress my opinion once again that this whole "crisis" has nothing
to do with stability in the Middle East, and is simply based on economics.

The simple evidence is that none of the so-called "threatened" states are
giving their support to this recent show of muscle (Saudi Arabia, for
example).  Hence the necessity for aircraft carriers from which to launch
attacks.  UNSCOM is being used as a political tool to prolong sanctions
for as long as possible for the benefit of the US and UK spheres of
influence in the region, as well as the selling of arms.  Every additional
day of sanctions increases Saudi oil revenues by 30 million, and yet
thanks to the lucrative arms deal the Saudis are in deficit!

The investigation by UNSCOM had been scheduled to close, but US pressure
forced the books re-opened and Butler assigned to head the investigation.
The frustration by the Iraqis is understandable as they cannot see any
benefit in cooperation.  It is pathetic how the media is trying to portray
Iraq as public enemy number one when it is a nation incapable of feeding
its own people after 8 years of sanctions.

As far as building up weapons of mass destruction, reneging on signed
agreements and ignoring UN resolutions, I would simply like to point to
the state of Israel who have an unimaginable nuclear arsenal (Mordechai
Vanunu has experienced years of solitary confinement and insanity for even
attempting to disclose details of the Israili nuclear capability).  In
addition, they continue to unlawfully occupy a sovereign people, ignore UN
resolutions stretching back 50 years, and have failed to implement the
so-called "peace process" signed in recent years.  I see no aircraft
carriers in the Red much for our "New World Order"!
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