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Re: Sanctions....oil/arms?

The situation has nothing to do with a "new world order" or punishing the
"butcher of Baghdad" (since they created him in the first place).  It is
purely an issue of money - like too many things in this world.

Every day that Iraq is under sanctions, Saudi Arabia (having absorbed
virtually all of Iraq's OPEC quota) have their revenues increased by
something in the range of 30 million.  And yet the Saudis are out of
cash! A country with a relatively small population.  It is obvious that
this is going straight to fund the declining arms industries of the US and
the UK, whose necessity has diminished since the end of the cold war.

I wouldn't mind so much if the US administration were just honest about
it.  What I can't stand is the deception and the pretense that that bitch
Albright is travelling around the world encouraging a strike for the
greater good of mankind!
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