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Talking points on current Iraq crisis

Hi people,

Feel free to criticise these "talking points" (source at end) if you
disagree with them. I hope you don't mind me posting things which focus
on weapons/military action against Iraq rather than sanctions - this is a
rather exceptional time.




 * Having pursued a predetermined campaign of false allegations and
provocative interference in the work of the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM),
the US administration has yet again succeeded in the manufacturing a crisis
situation with a view to satisfying its appetite for military actions
against Iraq.

 * In the mind of the US administration, Iraq has become an American
business to be dealt with in whatever manner and with whatever means the US
government finds it convenient to its own views and interests, irrespective
of whether or not its actions vis-a-vis  Iraq a truly in line with the
resolutions and objectives of the United Nations.

 * Following the US-led war of destruction launched against Iraq in
January-February 1991, the US government has not only employed every means
and method and its disposal to ensure continued starvation and death of the
Iraqi population under the sanctions, but also carried out a number of
subsequent military attacks against Iraq and its people, non of which
emanated from, or had any real grounds in, the resolutions of the Security
Council Examples:

 * In 1993, the US perpetrated a full-scale air and missile raid on Iraq
after fabricating a   story about   Iraq violating the so-called no-fly
zone imposed on the southern part of the country. The "no-fly zone" is a
US/British measure and has nothing to do with the United Nations or
Security Council resolutions.

 * Another US attack was inflicted on the Iraq in the same year under the
pretext that Iraq had been involved in some scheme to assassinate president
George Bush while on a visit to Kuwait. This baseless allegation was in no
way related to the Security Council or its resolutions.

 * In 1996, the US carried out another unilateral military attack against
Iraq under the pretext that Iraq had responded to a call addressed by the
Kurdish leader, Barazani , to president Saddam Hussein inviting the central
government to intervene in order to help establish peace and security in
northern Iraq. Totally unwarranted as it was, that US action was met with a
wave of condemnation in the region and the world at large as it was an
action perpetrated in flagrant violation not only of international law and
the UN Charter, but also of the very relevant resolutions of the Security
Council which the US government itself claims to be guided by. All those
resolutions underscore the inviolability of, and stipulate respect for, the
sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq.

 * Having fabricated a crisis now, the US administration is currently
engaged in some feverish process of escalation and seems very much on
course to conducting a new military offensive against Iraq. Upon embarking
on her tour to Europe and the Middle East to explain her government's
planned action, Madam Albright made it clear yesterday that the US was
ready to act unilaterally.

 * In the face of some an ominous threat, Iraq can only stress the

 a) that, despite any claim to the contrary, the US has no UN mandate to
carry out a military strike against Iraq; nor indeed has the US had any
such mandate for any of the military aggressions previously inflicted upon
Iraq and its people.

 b) that, in view of the fact that any so-called standoff in the work of
the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) has in reality been more a bilateral
US-Iraq standoff, caused by the American dominance of UNSCOM than a
multilateral stand on part of the UN, Iraq may soon be forced to resort to
the International Court of Justice in search of a solution to the problem.

 c) that, as President Saddam Hussein, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Tariq Aziz
and Foreign Minister Mr. Mohammed Said al-Sahaf have all stressed, Iraq
seeks no confrontation and wants to see all problems pertaining to the work
of UNSCOM resolved through dialogue and by diplomatic means. Hence, while
reserving to itself the right to self-defense, Iraq will continue to work
with the Security Council and UNSCOM in order to finalize the completion of
all requirements under the relevant SC resolutions.

 d) that the manner in which Ambassador Richard Butler, the Executive
Chairman of UNSCOM, has conducted himself, while incompatible with the
spirit of his UN mandate, has been tantamount to a conscious attempt at
agitating a crisis. Iraq has tabled an official complaint with the UN
Secretariat in this connection.

 e) that the claim recently made by Ambassador Butler to the New York Times
and in his address to an American Jewish group, that Iraq is in possession
of biological weapons "enough to wipe out Tel Aviv" while totally false and
starkly provocative, expresses eloquently Butler's inherent allegiances and
exposes his chronic failure to be under the UN mandate entrusted to him.

 * Butler's promotion of the US stand of Iraq along with his insinuations
about the possibility of expanding further the "no-fly zone's" imposed on
northern and southern Iraq and even imposing a naval blockade on Iraq's
only sea port in Basra, can only be seen as an incitement for further harm
to be inflicted on Iraq and its people.

 * Butlers reference to Israel in particular, as a possible target of Iraqi
weapons is a naked attempt to invite and even justify Israeli participation
in any forthcoming military aggression against Iraq.

Iraqi-Australian Friendship Association of Victoria - Australia

Fouad Elhage
Editor In Chief
Al-Moharer Al-Australi
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