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Arab - Americans condemn Washington threats

Arab-American Democratic Committee Condemns American Threats

In the last few days, as the media frenzy around President Clinton and
the alleged sex scandal involving a White House
intern, has reached enormous proportions, one of the themes utilized by
the White House strategists in order to deflect the
growing discomfort and disgust of the American people, has been Iraq and
the strong stand of President Saddam Hussein
against the inspections of certain sites that violate Iraq's

Attacking Iraq again will not polish Mr. Clinton's tarnished image and
definitely it will not be his salvation, on the contrary,
it will create more problems for him nationally and internationally and
it will put the United States in a quagmire. 

The Security Council is against the use of any military force to solve
the standoff, only the United Kingdom is standing
behind Washington.
Most the Arabic Newspapers reported on January 26 that a high Russian
official declared that Moscow will veto any move
to use any military action, and most importantly the Arab league is
against such an act and will not permit any more
devastation of Iraq. 

If Washington and London go through it , it will prove once and for all
that both countries are persisting in keeping this
infamous war of genocide against Iraq and its people . 

Any plan to extend the no fly zone to cover the whole country is another
violation of Iraq's sovereignty and a further
encouragement to rip Iraq apart, to create another Yugoslavia. 

As Arab-Americans we vehemently object to such policy and we condemn
such acts. 

The President should be truthful with himself and with the Nation in
facing his present problems wisely and intelligently. 

Mr. Butler with his false and biased reports is responsible to a certain
extent for prolonging the sanctions that caused the
death of more than a million and a half Iraqi citizen and for a possible
outrageous attack against Iraq. 

We call upon the legislatures and the administration to solve the
problem through the proper channels of the United Nations
and to avoid committing any foolish act to satisfy the ego of warmongers
in Washington. 

As Arab Americans we urge the Administration to lift the embargo on Iraq
immediately and to start direct talks with Baghdad
to find a civilized way to ease the suffering of the Iraqi people and to
normalize diplomatic relations. 

Arab-American Democratic Committee
P.O.Box 3053
Guttenberg 07093 N.J. U.S.A.

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