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Welcome to soc-casi-discuss!

Welcome the new CASI email discussion list

To send an email to the discussion list, use the address

When replying to a message received from the list, if you use Pine, you
will be asked "Reply to all recipients?". If you answer "Yes", then will be put in the To: or Cc: fields of
your reply, and all list members will receive the message. If you answer
"No", the message will go just to the individual who sent the message you
are replying to. Obvious really, but it's amazing how often people get
it wrong...

This list is for constructive discussion around the topic of sanctions on
Iraq. I will also post information from various sources to the list which
should trigger some debate if nothing else does.

Emails sent to the list are archived on the World Wide Web at If you would rather
that a particular email you write to the list is not archived (i.e.
publicly accessible), please say so at the top of the message.

Happy debating...


This is a discussion list run by Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
To be removed/added, email, NOT the
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