Sanctions on Iraq:
background, consequences & strategies


Conference: 13-14 November 1999
Cambridge, UK

Image: New Internationalist magazine, Sept 1999.Weapons inspections in Iraq have ceased, over eight years into a job scheduled to take 120 days. At the same time, Unicef estimates that an additional half million Iraqi children under five have died since the imposition of sanctions in 1990. Without any diplomatic end to the sanctions in sight, the suffering of the Iraqi people is prolonged indefinitely, while the Iraqi regime continues to live in luxury.

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) invites you to join us for a conference about the history of the conflict, its consequences, the current situation and ways forward. Academics, students, members of the public and professionals are all welcome to attend.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Ivor Lucas, former head of Middle East Dept., Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Anthonius de Vries, Economic & financial sanctions coordinator, European Commission
  • Professor Richard Garfield, Columbia University epidemiologist specialising in the effects of sanctions on civilian populations
  • Dr Doug Rokke, Jacksonville University; former advisor to the Pentagon on Depleted Uranium
  • Rita Bhatia & Andrea Ledward , Save the Children
  • Professor Hugh MacDonald, Weapons of Mass Destruction expert at the University of East Anglia
  • Chris Doyle, Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding
  • George Joffé, Royal Institute for International Affairs
  • Emad Salman, Iraqi Community Association
  • Dr Nadje Al-Ali, Sussex University
  • Anis Nacrous, French Embassy in London
  • Dr Eric Herring, Bristol University
  • Harriet Griffin, Oxford University
  • Felicity Arbuthnot, freelance journalist
  • Milan Rai, Voices in the Wilderness UK
  • Nikki van der Gaag, New Internationalist magazine

The full programme including titles of talks is here. Information about the speakers is included in the Press Pack, available from here.

For further information please email contact CASI [out of date contact details removed April 2002]

Advance tickets (excluding food and accommodation): £10 (unwaged); £20 (waged). Tickets for one day only are half price. Very basic 'crashpad' accommodation for visiting students will be provided free on the night of Sat. 13th. If you wish to attend individual sessions (£3/£1.50 conc.) rather than one or two entire days, please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the session.

To book places, send your name, address, telephone number & email address (if you have one), together with a cheque (payable to "CASI") to the above address. We will send you full details of the conference and a map. You may also find useful local information here.

Times and Venues:
Saturday 13th November 1999: 10:15am-6:30pm, McCrum Lecture Theatre (Corpus Christi College). Entrance on Bene't St next to the Eagle pub.
Sunday 14th November 1999: 9:15am-4:30pm, Winstanley Lecture Theatre (Trinity College). Entrance on Trinity St opposite Trinity College.
The full timetable is viewable in the information leaflet accessible from here.

Some further information about travel and accommodation is contained in the programme and useful information leaflet, accessible from here.

If you can help publicise the conference, please let us know (whether or not you can come yourself!). We can send you posters to put up and flyers to distribute, or you can download the poster in Acrobat format from here and print it out. If you would like us to send you an email describing the conference to forward to your friends or an email list, just ask. Thanks for your help! There is also a press pack downloadable from this page.

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) is a registered society at the University of Cambridge. The society has an exclusively humanitarian focus, does not support the Iraqi regime and is not opposed to military sanctions on Iraq. The views of speakers are not necessarily the views of CASI and vice versa.

Last updated: 2-Nov-1999