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Re: Unsubscribed from "CASI-analysis" mailing list

Dear former CASI-analysis list subscriber,

Please accept my apologies for a confusing message you will have received 
just now, which said "Sorry to see you go -- we would welcome feedback 
(which you can send to on why you chose to unsubscribe."

As announced on 5th April 
( and confirmed in a 
final message this morning 
(, the CASI-analysis 
moderators have now closed the list.

The message you received asking for feedback on why you chose to 
unsubscribe was an automated message accidentally sent out when 
decommissioning the list. Sorry if it caused any confusion.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your contributions to the list, and 
its predecessor, over the past years. Please do keep an eye on Iraq 
Analysis (, a new organisation which many former CASI 
activists are involved in if you continue to be interested in Iraq.


Seb Wills

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