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[casi-analysis] election questions

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An election is sometimes the best time to ask questions. The
following is mine to BBC Newsnight.

Our rulers would not be able to kill people through wars and
sanctions if we could hold them to account. Information is key to
this (as is the role of the media).

If we can get closer to having the truth disclosed then there is more
chance of moving towards reparations.

*** Question

Millions of people protested when Mr Blair was planning to attack a
weak and defenceless country. Mr Howard, Parliament and the public
were told a number of lies repeatedly over an extended period of time
(my Chambers dictionary inludes as a definition: 'anything that

We have still NOT had a proper inquiry.

Can you promise to hold a proper inquiry? This should also include
'Desert Fox' in 1998.

Can you also promise to find out the truth about how many Iraqis
(civilian and military) were killed during and after the invasion of
Iraq (and in Desert Fox) as Mr Blair does not find it important
enough to tell us?

Thank you

Mark Parkinson

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