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[casi-analysis] US troops causing Iraqi civilian casualties

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I guess most people are aware of the recent BBC reports regarding if US troops are causing more 
civilian deaths than the insurgeants.  And the backtracking as well.

Of course such figures wouldnt actually adjust for any possible black-ops by the reformed 
Mukhabarat, performing terrorist attacks that are blamed on opponents.  Unfortunately this is 
primer 1 lesson for such organisations to garner support and mould public opinion in the direction 
they desire.

However, most of you are probably aware of the story, sub media almost, of the parents of an Iraqi 
family being shot by American troops in their car.  This was caught on camera by a press agency 

I have made a tinyurl link of a database search of some images that are available. - I hope it works.
You will notice that the photographer has being busy snapping throughout the whole episode from the 
very beginning (ie before or as shots were fired) all the way to the hospital.  The pictures, 
although distressing, shouldnt prove too gory for any one to view.

I am always very suspicious of the way news is created and the processes that would let a 
photographer to be present at such an incident.

So if you do look at these images perhaps bear in mind that the photographer is also an actor in 
this incident.

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