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[casi-analysis] Paying the Price - public meeting on Iraq

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Paying the Price - Saving the Children of Iraq!

Public Meeting

Over One Million Iraqi Children died, in the silent Holocaust that was the UN imposed Sanctions 
regime between the years of 1991-2003!

Paying the Price - Saving the Children of Iraq, is going to be looking at the lives of the ordinary 
Iraqi people and their families during the Sanctions era, along with the work of those heroic 
people and organisations such as CARE International, which was headed by Margaret Hassan and the 
Human Relief Foundation, who through war and the social destruction of an entire country, continued 
to go back to Iraq and help the ordinary Iraqi people in their daily struggles against poverty, 
starvation and the loss of an entire generation.

Paying the Price - Saving the Children of Iraq are two special public meetings that will be 
addressed by award winning, free-lance journalist Ms. Felicity Arbuthnot, a devoted campaigner for 
the Iraqi people, who through television documentaries, radio shows, endless speaking tours around 
the world and through newspaper articles - managed to expose to the people in the Western world, 
the true destructive nature, that this policy has had on a part of the world, that is heralded as: 
"the cradle of civilisation".

 Paying the Price - Saving the Children of Iraq!

Speaker Ms. Felicity Arbuthnot

Manchester Meeting!
Date: Wednesday 26th January   Time: 7-30pm
Venue: The Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester
(behind the Central Reference Library)

Liverpool Meeting!
Date: Thursday 27th January  Time: 7-30pm
Venue: The CASA Club, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool
(ten minutes from the Lime Street Train Station).

Organised by the Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK),
Sponsored by the Middle East Cultural Association.

For more information please call: 0161 882 0188 / 07946 783 801
Postal Address: Iraq Solidarity Campaign, C/o Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, 
Manchester, M4 7HR, the UK.

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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