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[casi-analysis] US gives up the hunt for WMDs: War reparations for Iraq?

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With the news that the CIA has abandoned its hunt for WMDs does that open the path for Iraq to 
obtain war reparations?

As I recall Iraq invaded Kuwait over the belief that it was historically part of Iraq.  The 
international community found that was incorrect.  And Iraq was given a largish reparations bill.

USA and Britain invaded Iraq in order to disarm it (although insisting that UN ensure that Iraq 
destroyed any conventional missile systems first).  Since this has been shown to be incorrect I 
guess reparations follow?

Can't say I saw much signs of rebuilding or the great reconstruction fund in action.  Although I 
would like to report that the New Zealand contingent painted some schools around Basra and that the 
British Army are providing local employment opportunities in the form of translators at the 
princely sum of 8 dollars a day.

Apparantly less skilled Iraqis: for example the ones employed to pour out the imported bottle water 
as British soldiers file past to wash their hands before meals, only get 3 dollars a day.
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