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[casi-analysis] Preferential Balot, a Real Solution for Iraq

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A perfect marraige of the bloodies antipodes of freedom & justice:

Unless the Iraqi Parliament comes to select its PM by (top-dead-center, counter-extremist & thus 
anti-terrorist Preferential (ranked, weighted, "Australian") Ballot, it may not hold & the world 
will be in danger of going to war over some oil well.  Preferentiality is the only thing that will 
give the Iraqi minorities some reason to support anything more than inadequate confederation, 
because it will give them a real say in which Shia gets chosen, & it is the only thing that is 
truly just, for the rest of us, because it gives all combination of Programs, not just "parties" or 
fat cats, an equal chance.  Please help put this powerful idea in time to as many as possible.
Zoe Zidbeck
POB 38245
Albany, NY
"Gotta Be In Somebody's Interest"
"The Perfect Marriage Of The Bloody Antipodes Of Freedom & Justice"
"The Only Thing That Will Hold Iraq Together"

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