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[casi-analysis] Iraq cut off - more information/confirmation?

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Announcement: Communication Stopped During Elections
by Majed Jarrar
Email: jarrar.majed (at) (unverified!)

01 Jan 2005
News from Iraq about stopping of Cell phones Companies until the elections are over

IraQna mobile phones network has announced that its services will stop during the elections time, 
starting from January 4th until February 1st 2005. The reason is still not declared.

There were some news about the shutdown of the main phone exchangers in Baghdad, cutting all land 
phone lines during the same period of time.
No news have confirmed the shutdown of the two other major mobile phones in Iraq. no press releases 
were given by the Iraqi ministry of Communication.
IraQna mobile phone network covers the middle governorates of Iraq including Baghdad, Anbaar, 
Diyala and Hilla. It was started on January 2004 sponsored by the Egyptian Company for 
Telecommunication, Orascom telecom.

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