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Dear Friends,
                     Iraq Is going to be Cut off!

I am writing to confirm that Iraq is going to be cut of from the wider world and they are going to 
have there telephones, internet and other items of communication and need cut off, from (what 
sources have told me) the 4th January 2005 until after the elections on the 30th.

This was confirmed to me by a source in Baghdad early this morning 2/1/05 who also informed me that 
she will also be isolated from her father, brother and sisters who now live out side of Iraq.  This 
will also effect many Iraqi's as there is a population of a around three million who do not live in 
Iraq and they too will also be isolated from friends and relatives.

What you can do to Help!

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign would like to encourage all people to contact their members of 
parliament, local press, radio and TV stations, community and religious organisations, Trade Unions 
and Anti-War Groups to inform and protest against this act by the USA of isolating an entire 
country from the world.

We also advise that members of the Iraqi Community should also contact their friends and families 
before the 4th January (although we have not yet had confirmation that this is the exact date) and 
seek to maintain some kind of contact until after the elections.  We would also ask that members of 
the Iraqi Community also write and make phone calls of protest to their nearest re-opened Iraqi 
Embassy aswel as to their members of the British Parliament.

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign condemns this act of aggression by the occupying authorities
and demands that all communications be maintained at all times.

yours sincerely,

Mr. Hussein Al-Alak
The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)

Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)
C/o Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street,
Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR, the UK.

Tel: 0161 882 0188 / 07946 783 801


The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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