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[casi-analysis] Send letters of protest against Iraq being cut off!

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Dear friends,
                   We have had a speedy response to the e-mails sent out regarding IRAQ BEING CUT 
OFF and  now that it has been confirmed that the cut off of Iraq is going to take place, it has 
been suggested that we should all e-mail the people responsible for this.

Up to now, I have managed to get hold of the e-mail addresses for the British Embassy for Iraq 
which is based in Amman, Jordan and their e-mail is and the British Consul 
which is based in Baghdad is

I have also looked for an e-mail to the US and Iraqi Embassies but have not yet had any joy but if 
some one can help with that, it would be great.

Also, can you send copies of your protest letters to the Iraq Solidarity Campaign so that we can 
send them to our members and supporters in Iraq  ( you can take your 
name and other personal details off if you wish).

best wishes and a very big THANK YOU to every one who has written and called in response!!!!!!!!!

yours faithfully,
Hussein Al-alak,
The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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