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[casi-analysis] Greetings and our new website (S04)

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Iraqi Diaspora send you their best wishes for the New Year.
We are please to inform you that you can now access our website on the
following URL address:

We are also setting up a yahoo group to encourage open and frank
dialogue among all those interested in Iraq and its people.
You can register as follows:

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With our best wishes,
Iraqi Diaspora
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opinion of Iraqis in Diaspora to various governmental and
non-governmental organisations and politicians. If you wish, please
write to
-Should you wish to subscribe, please send an email to
<>and insert 'subscribe' in the Subject window.
-Should you wish not to receive further news on Iraq, please return this
email to <> and type the word 'unsubscribe' in the
'Subject' after the Subject heading i.e keep the same heading but add to
it the word unsubscribe.

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