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[casi-analysis] How will I know your going to vote, I will look for your name!

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Dear all,                                                                                           
                                         please find the answer to a question from the Iraq 
Out-of-Country Voting organisation, which is based in Amman, Jordan and should be read carefully by 
everyone espeacially Iraqi's who are considerring casting a vote on January 30th.

This answer, is in my opinion a contradiction to everything that a democracy stands for and could 
also possibly put allot of people in danger.

"4. Why do eligible Iraqis have to go to the same place twice to register and then vote? Why can't 
registration and voting take place at the same time?"
"The time period between the end of registration and the beginning of polling is called the Display 
Period. During the display period, the lists of registered Iraqis will be available for public 
inspection at the voter registration centres. Registered Iraqis will have the opportunity to check 
that their details appear correctly on the provisional voter list. Registered voters can also make 
a challenge to the inclusion of a voter's name on the grounds of eligibility. The Display period is 
in keeping with international standards."

These are their words and not mine and you can view the website on

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK)

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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